Holy Massage Oil

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We now offer all the anti-inflammatory and pain relief benefits of CBD in an easy to use relaxing topical. It has proven to be effective with most pain, including; muscular, nerve, and skin disorders. This massage oil works great on headaches and specific areas of discomfort.

Recipe referenced from Exodus in the Holy Bible;  Cassia, Cinnamon, Myrrh, Rosemary, essential oils, and our CBD Compassion Oil™


We do not use any industrial hemp oil, all CBD found in our products is grown, processed, and packaged in house.




CBD (Cannabinoil) can be a power agent of preventative health care, assisting and allowing your body to fascinate crucial actions such as; promotion bone growth, the efficiency of the immune system, regulating pain and anxiety, proven anti-inflammatory effects , and so much more.

In your body there exists a system of chemicals that assist and ‘over-see’ thousands of cell interactions a day, theses chemicals can be found every where in your body from your brain, to your bones, to your blood. This system is called the Endo-Cannabinoid system, an entire collection of cannabinoids founds and produced naturally by the human body. What we do here at Great Lakes Hemp Supplements is seek the improve and support this system by introducing the cannabinoids we  grow in our garden into your Endo-Cannabinoid system so that it can preform better and more efficient.

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