Great Lakes Compassion Oil Vape Cartridge


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When it comes to vaping CBD hemp oil  it is hard to beat this powerful full spectrum composition of healing cannabinoids and terpenes!
Most vape pens out there are a concoction of imported CBD isolates, isolated terpenes, and harmful chemicals. At Great Lakes Hemp Supplements we take a different approach, using only local medicinal grown hemp to source our powerful full-spectrum CBD Compassion Oil; no pastes, no isolates, no additives.

Using full spectrum vs an isolate is crucial to achieving the optimal benefits you can receive from this type of medicine. There is a wealth of research, in addition to our own findings, that supports full-spectrum CBD to be 10 times or more effective than cannabidiol (CBD) isolates! In our half gram vape cartridge – compatible with almost any battery – you’ll find all the health benefits of full-spectrum CBD accompanied by naturally occurring terpenes and flavinoids: a natural flavor with no additives!
When burning anything and introducing it into your body, whether its vaping, smoking, dabbing, etc, you should know exactly what you’re inhaling. The test that shows this is called a ‘residual solvent test’ and shows what trace amounts of chemicals are left in the finished product. Although Michigan currently does not have a standard at which products must meet to be put on the market, Colorado does. Their residual solvent standard last year was raised to 13352 total parts per million compared to what it was previously 1313 PPM. We are proud to say our Compassion Oil tests far less  than Colorado’s standard at 95 parts per million or less! Every vape cartridge comes packaged with test information so you don’t have to take our word for it; a very clean, very powerful, very natural solution for you today.

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