This was a very interesting meeting as the Kingsley DDA unanimously gives approval to the TheraCann Project. The overwhelming support from the community in Kingsley was great to see.  As a Kingsley graduate and activist in the Medical Cannabis Community I have mixed feeling on this topic. I worry about the fact that it is TheraCann’s idea to not include a provisioning center in the plans. They are not encouraging Kingsley to have dispensaries in their zoning. Why is that? Is it to have a better chance of getting the project approved? Is Kingsley really going to allow a State of the Art facility to produce high quality medicinal cannabis in their village and not allow its residents to access it? My second main concern is will Mr Goodman keep his word and continue to rent these state of the art facility spaces to local caregivers to provide high quality medical cannabis to their patients? I heard Mr. Goodman state that any caregiver in Michigan can apply. There will be a very thorough vetting process though he stated. This means that all of the jobs could potentially go to people outside of our community and not to local farmers. As a Kingsley native I see the need and great benefit of bringing in the experience, knowledge, and taxable value this project can bring to the Village of Kingsley. in lies my mixed feelings. This Approval is ONLY symbolic in looking at the economical impact to the DDA.  This is not the final say or go ahead on the project. This only helps the zoning and planning commission to look at the project and begin their necessary process.