Inspired by the desire to help those suffering from the adverse effects of seizure disorders and other illnesses, Great Lakes Hemp Supplements offers customers an alternative solution. At Great Lakes Hemp Supplements we recognize that while CBD oil is not the answer for all those with seizure disorders, those patients who are currently on a CBD oil regiment are experiencing promising results.

Our CEO & founder, Michael E. Thue has over 18 years of experience using cannabis as medicine for a variety of different ailments. His passion for sharing the benefits of CBD oil and other hemp supplements is what gave Great Lakes Hemp Supplements its legs.

For many patients dealing with the serious long-term side effects that come with anti-epileptic drugs doctors and researchers have been working hard to find a viable and safe alternative treatment solution. Thanks to the advances made by scientist and researchers the promise of a safe treatment alternatives were found in products like CBD supplements and CBD oil for seizures.

At Great Lakes Hemp Supplements we believe in providing our customers with quality CBD oil products. It is our goal to inform the public on the benefits of CBD oil for epilepsy and other seizure disorders. From healing salves to CBD oils and more, we have a selection of quality products to choose from. Take a moment to peruse our online store and experience the benefits of CBD oil for yourself.